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Kreativität und Sehnsucht nach der besseren Hälfte - dadurch entstehen manchmal Gedichte, so auch mein englisches Gedicht "Heavenly Lioness, Lealyn".

Heavenly Lioness, Lealyn
Lion, Lion, far away,
Come and hear my low voice's pray.
Be my stronghold, be my light,
May our future, please, be bright.
Lion, Lion, hear my call,
Notice me, out of them all.
Heaven, Heaven, sky above,
Hear my small heart buzz with love.
Let me enter harmony,
And my green eyes, let them see.
Heaven, Heaven, your bright light
Keep me, hold me, warm and tight.
Lealyn, Lealyn, see my love,
Let us enter the above,
Let our souls be wild and free
And together, let us see.
Lealyn, Lealyn, here I am
And I am your biggest Fan.